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Backpack Tips

Although RelaxPack, with its built-in sensory comforting features, is much more than a basic backpack, it comes with the same reminders on the importance of a properly fitted backpack to minimize strain on the body and maximize comfort and the effectiveness of its features.

We all know that students are carrying more weight in their backpacks than ever before.  Between textbooks, school supplies, and everything in between, the bag is continually weighed down.  This is why RelaxPack was never designed to be a weighted backpack, but rather taking the weight in the bag and distributing through the use of the Hug Belt.  The beauty of the Hug Belt is it not only provides soothing compression, but also seconds as a back brace to alleviate the weight and tension that a heavy backpack brings.

Check out this link for more tips to ensure a properly fitted backpack each and every time it’s worn:

Backpack Wearing Tips