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RelaxPack was created by Aparna Guttery MA, OTR/L, a pediatric occupational therapist specialized in treating children with sensory processing differences and special needs. She has been working with children for over 15 years and currently has a private practice in Southern California.


Product Features

The unique Patent-Pending features of bag

The Hug Belt

A built-in neoprene compression belt for soothing deep pressure

Fidget Strips

Interchangeable and removable sensory strips to fidget with

D-rings for Chewies

Attach chewies to RelaxPack and never lose them again

In addition to calming features, the backpack emphasizes functionality by including

Headphone Port to Play Comforting Music
Built-In Protective Tablet and Phone Sleeve
Mesh Pockets for Water Bottles and Fidgets
Clip to Hold keys
Built-In Pouches and Pockets to Keep Organized


Product Colors

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My name is Rylan, I’m 11 years old and I have Autism, but not severely. And the things about the backpack that I love the most are the smooth, furry tails hanging on the side, and I love the fact that I can put my headphones through the backpack easily, and I like the belt part because it makes me feel like the weight of the backpack isn’t as bad as it used to be and it feels good around my stomach.

Rylan S. Anaheim Hills, CA

Thank you , Aparna, for giving the Autism and sensory world your brilliance!! This is exactly what Rylan needed to help him adjust and regulate his sensory needs during the school day. School is a high-stress environment for him, so any product that can help him to regulate, stay calm, and happy is absolute gold! As an Autism parent, that is a win-win!

Nicole S. Anaheim Hills, CA

I have had the privilege of watching Aparna bring RelaxPack from a sparkling new idea to a wearable, sophisticated reality! Each and every stitch, material, and feature has been carefully thought out, reviewed and tested, to ensure not only the highest quality product, but that RelaxPack truly offers the soothing comfort that was intended. The interchangeable components and calming compression belt are ingenious and allows one to adapt the backpack for ever-shifting self-regulation support. The introduction of the RelaxPack is a true expression of Aparna’s genuine compassion and dedication to her clients, families and profession! Thank you for your perseverance, courage and wisdom Aparna! You have created a must-have tool for children and adults with sensory challenges!

Suzanne G. OTR/L, Irvine, CA


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